This innovative mask infuses a whole ounce of The Treatment Lotion energy into each application. With the help of Japanese firming technology and millions of microfibres, this mask can focus on providing a large amount of hydration, making this mask noticeably full and vibrant with a healthy glow in a few minutes.

The key ingredients of this mask are Miracle Broth (La Mer’s proprietary composite, which includes giant kelp), Revitalizing Ferment (Marine minerals and algae), and microfiber technology. After removing the mask, massage the excess liquid into the skin to increase hydration.

In fact, the pouch was full of liquid, and when I squeezed it out, I could spread the excess over my chest and arms. It’s expensive stuff, so I use every drop. Plus, it’s as cold as a first toe dip in a school swimming pool and is usually quite comfortable, but on a day when the temperature is close to 90 degrees, this relaxation is very welcome.

This mask is the best mask I have ever tried. It’s just that the packaging is super fancy. Good orientation and easy to read. The parcel opens easily. After I put this mask on my face, I really thought I was going to sleep. After 20 minutes, my face was like butter.

I know La Mer’s The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask is not The cheapest sheet Mask out there, but I would say it’s The best and a pack of six will easily last you at least six months.

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