If you are looking for a versatile oil that can be used year-round regardless of the weather, then you have come to the right place. I have been using La Mer The Renewal Oil on and off for The past few years, and I have come to The conclusion that it is one of The more efficient oils sold on The luxury skincare market.

La Mer recycled oil is packaged in clear glass bottles with push-button glass droppers. Unlike The iconic La Mer perfume, The Renewal Oil emits more citrus aroma and energy. The oil quickly absorbs and penetrates into the skin, leaving it soft and glowing.

If you look at the bottle carefully, you will see that it is a two-phase solution. The lighter oil floats on La Mer’s Miracle Broth and Marine sourced active material. Therefore, what you must do before using it is to shake it a little.

This Biphasic Elixir blends Miracle Broth™ with Marine Active Ingredients to release a range of energy that infuses the skin of young adults. New fine lines and wrinkles appear to make the skin softer and firmer. Miracle Broth™ helps enhance your skin’s natural repair ability. Day after day, the skin’s natural barrier becomes more elastic and the skin becomes hydrated. Soft and super-smooth skin radiates new vitality. The aromatic soothing update oil is abundant everywhere it is used, creating an endless array of tailored skincare rituals.

La Mer Reclaimed Oil is indeed a very practical product. In many ways, facial oil has definitely rejuvenated my skin.

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