An intensive balm that delivers plumping hydration and concentrated cell-renewing Miracle Broth™ for a more youthful-looking neckline.

Utterly sumptuous, this balm provides a more lifted look and firmer feel for your most delicate and alluring skin.

This soothing balm is enriched with sesame seed oil, sunflower seedcake, sweet almond seed meal, eucalyptus leaf oil, whey proteins and lime peel extract, which contribute intensive hydration, plumping and nourishment towards a more youthful neckline. Its concentrated Miracle Broth™ helps the complexion to look and feel firmer with each application.


The concentrate is a thick, milky white gel which, as the ingredient listing below suggests, is quite rich. The high amount of multiple varieties of silicones as well as humectants and lipids (oils) gives it a lot of slip, and it also does feel markedly oily on the skin.

The product has a very soft floral scent, not overwhelming and in line with La Mer’s other fragrance. Furthermore, several plant extracts as well as vitamins are included. To its credit, the second highest concentration ingredient in this gel is seaweed extract, whereas a number of newer LaMer products only contain this coveted ingredient in low concentrations.


The concentrate is presented in a silvery translucent plastic jar with a brush included for applying the gel to the neck and décolletage. Packaging looks elegant – two stars for good looks – but it is quite bulky, so it’s not exactly travel friendly.


  • Sumptuous balm treatment
  • Helps to smooth, soften and firm the skin around the neck and décolleté
  • Sesame seed oil, whey proteins and lime peel extract contribute nourishment
  • Works to plump and hydrate the complexion
  • Can be used morning and evening for enhanced results

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