La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream is a lightweight cream. This is a gel consistency with a cooling feeling and perfect for spring/summer weather. I would recommend this to anyone with more combination skin as it’s a lighter moisturizer.

People are mad that this isn’t for oily skin but I don’t agree, it absorbs easily and isn’t greasy. If you have very oily skin try the soft lotion.La mer told me this is not geared to oily skin and they did add two oils to this formula, I personally like this better than the old formula.

I think often times people don’t like something just because it’s different than the old even though they knew it was different when buying it.. they expected it to be mostly the same.

This is a thick gel that absorbs ultra quickly and leaves behind a plump but dry to the touch skin.Nothing adds moisture like this does at a deep level.I can’t live without this and it changed my severe dry skin into normal supple skin and plumps up fine lines.

The price is steep but you barely need any and 15ml last 6 months. If you use too much you’ll not like it because this is rich as all their creams are you only want a pea size amount

My holy grail. I have dry combination skin and therefore it is very hard to find a perfect moisturizer that is not too oily not too light. I use Soft Cream in summer months and the original Creme de La Mer in winter or when my skin is dry. The soft cream has a very nice texture, creamy and easy to apply.

It is not greasy at all the skin and absorbs really well. About performance, my skin got red easily before after a hot shower, exercise or applying skincare but after start using La Mer products for a while, my skin’s condition has improved: healthier and stronger, I don’t get red easily.

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