As tragedies go, being caught without lip balm doesn’t rank highly—but if you’ve ever faced a whole day with chapped and peeling lips, it’s still a nightmare. A good lip balm keeps your lips moisturized, but beyond that, smell, application, and texture are all a matter of personal preference.

This velveteen balm with a hint of mint calms, restores and conditions, transforming lips with the most tender touch. Instantly helping to soften dryness, this emollient treatment nourishes, restores and strengthens the natural moisture barrier to help prevent further environmental damage.

I love this lip balm and have re-purchased it a few times over the years. This is like a basic every day lip balm, neither too concentrated, nor too light – a hard balance to find. and it’s that balance, its perfect texture which keeps bringing me back to it, because it’s the only one I can easily apply any lip color or product over and not have any issues with.

As much as I love Nuxe and Jack Black’s lip balms, they’re just too rich and sticky to work as a base, although they are much better as lip treatments – when your lips really need the extra hydration in cold weather. This one, on the other hand doesn’t doesn’t do a thing in winter, and I tend not to pack it in my suitcase if heading anywhere cold.

Like all LM products, it contains the Miracle Broth, along with a whole bunch of other ingredients, yet despite the minty taste which lingers for a few hours after applying, there doesn’t appear to be anything remotely minty in the ingredients list which is puzzling.

This balm gave results almost immediately, and my lips look semi-normal again. I realize it’s unrealistic to think a single product could fix the problem, so I’m just happy that my lips don’t feel painful, have become more smooth, and that I can start to wear lipstick again!

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