La Mer The Concentrate has earned itself a bit of a holy grail status over the years. It is a very interesting product and also super expensive. The question is, is it worth it’s hefty price tag? Also in to the mix is the fact that is has been reformulated which is pretty big news! Here’s what you need to know!

The brand’s powerhouse elixir called Miracle Broth is designed to have barrier-building benefits. In other words, The Concentrate is your solution to build your skin’s strength against these two daily irritants.

Plus, the brand revealed new La Mer Concentrate new packaging which features includes even more antioxidant power thanks to the addition of lime tea concentrate. In fact, La Mer calls the ingredient an “antioxidant powerhouse.” Why? Simply put, it has an ability to protect against free radicals. In other words, the gunk left behind by environmental stressors.

One week on after applying this miracle broth every morning and night my skin feels fresh and is looking more hydrated. I marvel at the rate at which my blemishes have healed, almost overnight – it’s remarkable.

Four weeks in and I’m starting to see some changes happening in the skin around my eyes. Everything is calmer, less discoloured and that inflammation and puffiness I get on my lids is calmly at bay.

I have a surprise moment of appreciation very early one morning during week five, up before the sparrows to catch the first flight for work I stand make up free under the fluorescence of airport bathroom lighting and my eyes don’t look exhausted, my bare skin looks juicy and plump and – dare I say – smooth.

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