There is a fine line between “luxury” beauty products and absolute absolute flaws. La Mer, known for its high-end skincare products, has entered The cosmetics segment through The SkinColor de La Mer line, which includes Concealer (known simply as The Concealer).

It works as both concealer and concealer, has a great look (natural, just right), and looks natural and feels good. Second, the product is infused with La Mer’s patented skin-rich ingredients.

The product stays on for the whole day, very smooth finish. The product blends in with skin very well, I wear it without foundation and it doesn’t look like I am wearing any make up. very satisfied with product.

This is a thick driy-ish concealer much like the equally expensive Cle de Peu. If this is your favorite formula, La Mer will probably work for you. I use a rounded concealer brush to buff into my eye sockets and corners and a finer brush for blemishes and spots.

It’s not going anywhere! Nor does it land in lines like so many other watery silicone or waxy creme options. The colors seem odd in the testers but blend well.

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