Now there are quite a few micellar waters around on the High Street and some are better than others. A lot of them actually contain soap which can strip and dehydrate the skin, and they are all about removal rather than putting anything into the skin. That’s fine, but the key here with La Mer Cleansing Micellar Water is the extra skincare benefits on offer.

I have felt like my skin, the face and the neck, is smoother and softer. This cleansing micellar water removes all the makeup products off of my face completely clean with no residue left. It totally cleanses my skin, despite no water used in the process. It takes me five minutes in average to cleanse my face after one day of wearing full makeup on.

I really love the way this smells and feels on my skin. I only cleanse my skin with cleanser at night, and I use micellar water in the morning instead of a cleanser because I find cleansing twice a day is a bit drying. So for me, this is like a nice little luxury skin treatment when I wake up.

It can be used alone too and it doesn’t leave any residue really. I mix with some water most times, and work it in like cleanser but focus on where I’m wearing makeup.

It does a good job of removing anything “leftover” from the night before — makeup that didn’t wash off, oil buildup from the night, etc. I follow it up with whatever day serum I’m using, eye cream, and my moisturizer.


  • Rinse free and soap free
  • Uses  La Mer’s Deconstructed Waters
  • Detoxifies and deep cleanses
  • Lifts and sweeps away dirt, makeup and impurities
  • Features Miracle Broth to soothe and hydrate
  • Carefully curated infusion of energising actives

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