This mild cleanser combines seaweed fiber with white pearl powder to purify, replenish minerals and promote a healthy, bright complexion. Magnetized Tourmaline and La Mer’s exclusive Deconstructed Waters™ enable cleansing foams to thoroughly and quietly exfoliate dirt, debris and makeup without the appearance of even the most delicate skin tones, providing a fresh, refreshing skin feel.

Just like cleaning cloths, seaweed fibers can also be used to enhance the foaming effect, resulting in a luxurious foam. These natural fibers are rich in biological minerals and vitamins that help replenish the skin.

Apply to moist skin and massage gently in a circular motion to form a rich lather that will turn from green to white when cleansed. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

I like this cleaner. For this mild feeling, it is very effective in removing makeup and excess grease. Completely matte and does not dry out the skin. A light touch of lactic acid peels off dead skin and keeps it smooth.

I absolutely love the way this cleanser feels on my skin. First of all, foaming on my face always makes me feel good, and this cleanser has such a fresh, sparkling feel. It’s easy to wash off and pat my face dry after my skin won’t feel dry or tight.

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