I love La Mer products and I have been using La Mer products since I was a kid because my late mother went to Holt Renfrew in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, every three months to get her skincare line up. Every so often, she ventured off, and I do recall one year that she had what seemed to be a love affair with Chanel. That year (I believe 98), there was no La Mer, no La Prairie, and no Valmont skincare anywhere (two Swiss-born companies and one Estee Lauder AKA American born) to be found. I have tried to figure that out for several years after her passing, but I have accepted that she wanted the skincare she wanted. Bring me to the poignant case of my anecdotal memories that fade by slowly, more often each passing time I remember them. My mother was spoiled, and so was I. My mother taught me to spend money on the extravagance of life. I did and still do to a point all these years later.

I received a La Mer Hydrating Illuminator sample of this when I purchased the treatment lotion and I loved it . I found that if I used this after my moisturizer it made my skin look greasy and iridescent, and I have dry skin. Next I tried using a very small amount following my La Mer Tonic. That gave my skin a moisturized and glowing look but I still had to tone down the shimmer with powder. Finally I tried using this on just key areas, like cheekbones, brow bones and a little on the forehead. That application worked best, not leaving me with a garish harsh look but a healthy moisturized glowing look. This product is nice but a little goes a very long way. Would be helpful if it came with instructions and/or application tips. People of a certain age should not go overboard with highlighting/illuminating products. Too much accentuates aging skin issues, especially wrinkles.

What matters is that even when looking directly at this product, it is not the price or who can and cannot afford to buy it. That only separates us for no reason but fear. If you buy Origins, The Ordinary, Tatcha, Amorepacific, SK-II, Herbivore, etc., do so. Purchase what makes you happy and enjoy it with the people you love—P. s. I do love L’illuminateur Hydrant, though I wish it were more than 40 ml or 41 ml, whichever way you look at the conversation. The last remark on the product is how jaw-dropping it sits on top of the Amorepacific Moisture Face Sunscreen 35SPF or any crème needing an opulent or better-worded pearlescence flair than do it.

How To Use It

So you can use the La Mer Hydrating Illuminator in a number of ways:

  • Wear alone for a fresh-faced, natural radiance
  • Layer under foundation to brighten/tone up
  • Apply over foundation to highlight key features

It is $80 for 40ml and buy available via the following links: