This is La Mer Genaissance De La Mer The Serum Essence.

Its packaging design is very beautiful. The champagne bottle and graceful lines are extraordinarily refined and elegant. The tinted bottle design reduces the surface between fragrance and air.

The Genaissance de La Mer serum smells like their moisturiser, which is pretty versatile for La Mer, but I would also add that the fragrance is more subtle and spicier.

It doesn’t smell of essential oils, not even floral. The smell itself is not as strong as the overall feeling, but it smells quite unique.

The serum is a runny gel texture, not as heavy as The Concentrate. It gets into the skin very silky and penetrates quickly into the skin.

Compared to before use, my overall complexion appears lifted and flattered. The texture is even and uneven bumps that used to appear on my cheeks and jawline have been smoothed out.

It makes the skin smooth and soft with a natural inner glow from the inside, so I use it all the time, especially on evening occasions under my foundation.

I prefer the Genaissance de La Mer serum in spring and summer and I hope you have a great experience.

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