Few beauty products are as popular as luxury brand La Mer’s OG moisturizer Cremede La Mer.

La Mer, one of the most famous skincare brands in the world, was born after an aerobicist sought to heal the burns he suffered in a laboratory accident. The result, after 12 years of research, is a fermentation process that converts kelp and other pure ingredients into what we now call the brand’s Miracle Broth, a key ingredient in every La Mer product. Made through a special seaweed fermentation process, it is expected to cure dryness and improve the health of skin. Natural barrier, soften fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate skin tone.

It has a thick, almost creamy consistency when it comes out of the jar, but to activate Miracle Broth, heat it between your fingers until it becomes translucent. La Mer recommends using it both day and night, but I find it too heavy during the day, so I choose to use it only at night, saving me a stick or two in a particularly dry place if necessary after my daily routine.

Cremede La Mer has a fresh floral scent and I find it very pleasant.

But, like any product, what works for one person may not work for another, but for many people, Cremede La Mer is more than just a face cream. This is also a valid status symbol.

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