Hello, I am Sona.

I started this blog after reading other beauty blogs and had the urge to share my experience similarly. Some of the products which I give expressions upon may not be widely reviewed ones or even products which are a little too popular. Hence, I hope my sharing can give others a better clue of what they are using, but I more than often stay strictly to combination skin targeted products.

Skin type: Combination skin, with oily T-zone (mild oily forehead and extremely oily nose), normal to dry cheeks. Dehydrated instead of oily.

Age group: I am a college student. Will put my focus on products targeted for “young skin” concern.

Concerns: Acne and breakouts, whiteheads and blackheads, dehydration, enlarged and clogged pores, PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

Preference: Anything lightweight and watery enough for easy absorption. Loath thick and heavy-duty creams.

[NOTE]: My reviews are generated at a slower pace as I would like to be honest with my own reviews. I will apply the product into my routine for a longer time (4-6 weeks) before publishing the review on the blog.